Day Job

As my mother is so keen to point out, until one is an established writer, one needs a day job.

Like Natalie, I looked at the world of publishing for a while. I think it’s something I would be good at, finding excellent works, maybe doing some editing, promoting books for the public. It seemed very much like something that suited me, until I looked into it more. In the US, publishing jobs that are really worth chasing after are on the coasts, mostly in New York, Boston, or LA. None of those are places I want to live at all, even if I didn’t have to live in the city proper. I want to live in a small town in the middle of the country somewhere. I needed a job that would be able to be done anywhere.

So I’ve been looking into PR/Communications work. It seems to suit me more, still selling things, still interacting with the public, and maybe even getting to do writing. I’ve looked into summer internships in the field and am putting together one right now, actually, dealing with a number of possible projects.

The thing about PR, if you have any interest in it, is that it can be done for any company or group, anywhere in the world. I could live wherever I want and deal in any sector of the economy. It’s one of the few fields still growing and changing, and it’s one of the most flexible career paths you can imagine. If you think it might be something you could do well, I’d say look into it!

Just thought I’d put that out there for young people like myself struggling to find a day job!