I Won Things!

For those of you who are familiar with fan fiction, you will know that there are a number of user-run awards and their varying processes. I was recently nominated for a good many things in the L&L 2012 Genre Awards, and here’s a listing of what I won.

– Best Drama Author (YAY I won something)

-Best Family Author Runner-Up

-Best Humor Author Runner-Up

-Best Hurt/Comfort Author Runner-Up

-Best Tragedy Author Runner-Up

I would like to thank anyone of you who might have voted for me. I’m a bit put out that I didn’t get anything for Romance, but Drama is basically Tragedy and Romance put together if to do it right, so I’ll take it! 😀

If you’ve not checked out my fan fiction, now’s a perfect time to do so! Lots of exciting things going on, and my awards are the perfect excuse to harass you about it.




A Massive Request of You All!

I’m up for awards on Fanfiction.net! (Check out the nomination’s list… I’ve got a bajillion, it’s great!)

The thing is, not very many people on the fan fiction forums know who I am or have read my work, and you know how voting works in this world: You vote for the people whose names you recognize. So whether or not I’m the most deserving of writers, I’m going to have to pull out the stops to win anything (despite the fact that literally half of the Romance nominations are my stories).

So my request is, if you have a fanfiction account, or are willing to create one for the sake of my nominations (free and no spam!), that you go to this site: http://www.fanfiction.net/topic/44309/76958455/1/L-L-s-2012-Genre-Awards-Nominations-Open-Until-January-14th

and follow the instructions for voting. Basically, you send a PM to the account (The Award Twins, at the top of the page) and list out who/what you’re voting for.

I’m most anxious to win Best Romance Author, Best Tragedy Author, and Genre Queen, so if you don’t want to vote for specific stories you haven’t read (although if you’d like to read them, please do!) I ask that you at least vote for me in these categories.

I would really appreciate this, all of you, and just know that if you ever need anything I’m more than happy to help any of you as well! 😀