I’ve Got a Patreon!

Want to support my writing? There’s two ways you can!

First of all, I’ve published a novel on Inkitt! Want to read it? Go ahead and check it out! The more buzz it generates, the more likely I’ll be to get a book deal in the near-ish future, so if you like murder mysteries, it’s here.

Also, if you want to support me monetarily (which would be fabulous, even if it’s a small amount), I’ve started a Patreon! Every little bit you put toward me goes to helping me move a little bit closer to becoming an independent artist, without the need of a day job. Which is, of course, the end goal.

If you’re not familiar with how Patreon works, you become a Patron, pledge a certain amount, and pay that amount regularly. I’ve set it to per work instead of monthly, so every publication, I’d get paid. I might go to an incremental thing, like monthly or annually or something. I don’t know. For the moment, this is how I’ve set it up. Because I’m not producing super regularly, it seems fair.

By committing at certain levels, you’ll earn prizes and special perks. I’ve not set up much yet (I’m totally open to suggestions, which you can give me in comments), but rest assured that these will grow with time. I’m always open to your suggestions on how to improve my Patreon to serve the needs of my readers.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately, apart from writing and editing fiction and finishing my student teaching.

OH, and I’ve started a blog about football (soccer for many of you) and my constant musings on it. Check out charlottewritesfootball.wordpress.com, which will have a premium URL as it gains readers (probably as soon as I sign a contract for a job, honestly). I hope to start publishing information both here and on that blog about once a week.

Wish me luck.




What I’m Doing Now: Annual Update

Hello, everybody!

I’ve outlined all my blogging for the year, and that includes my new concept of making this an annual blog update. Since I recently updated everyone on what I’ve been up to, I’ll keep this a brief overview. You’ll be hearing more about other features of this blog very soon, and regularly.

So, I’m still working on my Masters, still blogging, still writing, still editing. All that jazz.

I will say that I made a friend in one of my recent classes who took a look at my manuscript for The Death of a Billionaire, and apart from loving it – and not being able to relate to the main character – she did say, quite aptly, that my dialogue all sounds alike. I have a terrible habit of all the speech sounding like my speech, which works pretty well for a lot of my characters, but definitely not all of them. So that’s something I’ll be focusing on in this round of edits, which Natalie says should be close to the end. I’m very pleased about this.

Drafting of Chasing the Imaginary Octopus has begun in earnest, and In the Dark and Dank and another as-of-yet untitled piece are also in the drafting stages.

Also, my fan fiction writing has really taken off. I’ve resolved to schedule a chapter a day. I can definitely write that much, and it keeps stories flowing in spite of my busy life flooded with schoolwork. I’ve been updating Faithful, so my ASoIaF fans are pleased. And Craving Comfort has gotten a couple of updates as well. I’ve begun scheduling into August based on reader reviews and favorites and follows, so I may finish scheduling there rest of the year in the next month or so.

As far as reading is concerned, that’s coming on slowly. Still doing my annual re-read of Anna Karenina. Classes slow that sort of thing down, regrettably. But I’ll be keeping you all updated on my reading with a new feature: every time I finish reading a book that isn’t one of my textbooks, I’ll have a book review prepared on this site by the following Saturday. You’re welcome. 😀

I think that’s about all for now, but I’ll be speaking to you all soon!