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  1. A true healer
    You have experienced your own personal healing journey, recovery from trauma, disease or abuse, the passing of a loved one, end of a relationship or another major life event, and this has empowered you!
    You support your family and friends through life's obstacles, providing a listening ear and loving advice.
    This lights you up! 
    You now have a burning desire to help others heal and dream of running your own Reiki healing business.
    It's your time to earn through your passion, feel fulfilled and create a life you love.
  2. 10 signs you are a healer image
    We all have an innate ability to heal but for some of us, it is our soul path in this life to be a healer.
    We feel called into healing practices in one form or another.
    We help release lower vibrations and transmute denser energies by helping others to feel better, physically, mentally and energetically.
    This contributes to raising the vibration of our beautiful planet and our collective consciousness.

    10 signs YOU are a healer:
    1) You are highly sensitive to energy. You can feel if there has been tension when you walk into a room
    2) You are empathic and feel other peoples emotions and physical ailments as your own
    3) You are a natural peacemaker
    4) People turn to you in times of need
    5) You think of solutions for others to make their lives better
    6) Sensitive beings like animals and children gravitate towards you
    7) Your palms often become excessively hot and sweaty or tingly
    8) You’ve overcome challenges in your life such as: trauma, domestic abuse, disease or loss, which has prepared you for the supportive role of a healer
    9) You feel you have a big purpose, a soul mission, to help people, animals and nature
    10) You work in a healing profession that helps others such as massage therapist, counsellor, doctor, nurse, yoga teacher, lawyer, vet, carer
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    Healing Love
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  3. No more hiding


    Whatever level of success we are at, we still need to do mindset work!

    My biggest limitation was fear of visibility. This kept me small for years!

    I literally hid myself by doing all the behind the scenes stuff like, building my website, creating marketing content and courses I never put out there.

    I knew I had to clear this fear to grow my business and increase my income.

    This meant releasing my childhood conditioning and the effects from past abuse that created this fear and created the belief that I’m not good enough. It developed imposter syndrome. I’d dread that people would see through me. That I would fail, look silly and humiliate myself.

    I would actually get physical symptoms. Anxiety and panic causing, uncontrollable shaking, breathlessness and a tightening in my chest. Nausea and headaches.

    Using a combination of EFT and Reiki helps me to overcome this fear enough to get myself out there.

    No more hiding, it is time to share my uniqueness with the world.

    Healing Love 

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