Into my Notebooks: Purple Star Trek

Welcome back to my notebooks!

Once again, we’re looking at my Star Trek fan fiction notes.

So, I’m not completely certain, but I think this is what I meant when I wrote the note to myself: “Star Trek Purple.”

I might have multiple purple ones. Not really sure. I guess we’ll find out when I reorganize my notebooks again like I so desperately need to do. My whole floor is covered with notebooks. It’s such a mess.

Apparently this notebook was originally intended for a fantasy novel? Not sure which one. I’ve got a couple in the works, and whatever the first page in here was, it was torn out and now likely resides in a manila folder.

Really quick, this is a purple Top Flight single-subject, 70 page, college rule spiral. It’s completely full on one side, the back of each page left blank for further notes.

The facing page, the right-hand side (front of the page), consists of transcripts of episodes to help me work through the chapters, beginning most of the way through “A Taste of Armageddon” and finishing with partway through “Operation: Annihilate!”

It’s a pretty straightforward notebook from there. I’ve written all these chapters already, so if you’re interested, you can check them out on my fan fiction page, story Crossing Borders. For those who might care, this is done almost entirely in black, with a half a dozen pages in the back in turquoise when I moved on to a new pen.

Sorry if that was boring. Maybe this notebook will grow later, but for the moment that’s really all there is to it!




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