Into My Notebooks: Star Trek Flip Book

Hello, and welcome back to my notebooks!

Today we’re talking about more of my notes for my Star Trek fan fiction, and I’ve actually completed this notebook as far as what it will contain for this project, so it’s the most up-to-date record for my fan fiction project.

Previously, I included in one of my notebooks a list of episodes to be covered in chapters. This flip book, as I’ve called it, is actually a sort of legal pad that I used to keep track of the chapter titles for each story. I have a separate notebook, which I won’t include in depth because it’s literally just a list, which has all of these chapters written out in order I plan to publish them, and there’s twenty-seven pages of it in a college-rule spiral, if that gives you an idea.

This flip pad is a Mead 6×9 in. “ruled writing tablet”, 100 sheets. According to the front, it fits in no. 6 3/4 envelopes. Like much of my stationary items, this was inherited from a sibling, so there’s pages torn from the front that I never wrote in, and four pages written on in pencil were loosely stuffed in the middle, probably those very same pages. I’ve taken them out and tossed them since.

I’ve got thirty pages written on in different colors, so I’ll just take it story by story here.

“Crossing Borders,” the TOS story, has two pages, with a list of 65 chapters, all written in black ink.

“Wanderings,” the TAS story, is a single page written in black with 25 chapters.

The next page has the titles for the stories based on the films, in order. This includes the classic and TNG films, not the modern films. Apart from the first film, they’re all going to be oneshots, so there’s titles written, in turquoise. The first story, “To Go Again,” covers the original film and is divided into three chapters. This is outlined in black.

“Continuing Legacy,” the TNG story, is written in turquoise over three pages, with 121 chapters.

“Cold Start,” the Enterprise story, is written in turquoise over three pages, with 87 chapters.

“Furthest Reaches,” the DS9 story, is written in turquoise over four pages, with 155 chapters.

“Severed,” the Voyager story, is written in turquoise over four pages, with 130 chapters.

I’ve got a oneshot written in turquoise on a page to itself, which is a transition from “Cold Start,” tying it more firmly to the OC from “Crossing Borders.”

Then I’ve got two pages of “Academic,” outlined in turquoise, for 64 chapters. This story is about the Academy years of Xebel, the son of my TOS OC, father of my TNG OC – the tie between the two sections, if you will.

“Shadows of History,” outlined in turquoise on a single page, is 21 chapters of Xebel’s brief serving on the USS Enterprise-B, before he serves on the station where he meets his wife and raises his children.

“A Logical Emotion,” written on a page by itself in turquoise, is a oneshot about Xebel’s courtship and marriage.

“Buckingham Women,” is two pages, 66 chapters, begun in turquoise but mostly written in pink. It’s the story of Xebel’s four daughters, and their distant cousins (raised as close cousins) in their time at the Academy – which all seven girls attend. As Sophie is the main focus of my TNG story, Daphne is the focus of DS9, Evodia is my focus in Voyager, and Cynthia is a prominent fixture in Voyager’s Pathfinder episodes, this is a valuable precursor to those characters.

“In an Instant,” is a single page, 20 chapter, pink outline for a story of Daphne’s time at the Medical Academy, and her friendship with Julian Bashir.

“Naturally,” is a oneshot listed on a page by itself, in pink. This is the story of Cynthia’s relationship with Barclay that isn’t covered in the Voyager scenes with Pathfinder,  supplementary if you will.

“Put Right,” is an outline on a page by itself in pink. 30 chapters, this story is a dual-plot story, telling the story of what becomes of Daphne and Evodia after Voyager returns. It begins upon Voyager’s arrival back at Earth and ends with both sisters are married and beginning families.

“Unique” is the story I started all of this for, ironically, and it’s a single page outline covering 25 chapters in pink. It’s the story of the daughter of the OC from the TNG story, Sophie. Parts of the plot are based on the video game, Star Trek Online, but it’s been molded and reworked given my earlier story and my own vision of how it would happen. And simplified, honestly, because there’s way more going on in the video game than I could work neatly into a story.

Finally, the oneshot “Family” is listed in pink on a page by itself, as a sort of epilogue to the series. This shows not closure exactly, but shows what becomes of some of the characters down the line.

Yes, this will take me a very long time and a lot of organization to pull off. Considering I’ve only got almost fifteen chapters of “Crossing Borders” finished, there’s a long way to go.

Still, as you can see from the large and lengthy notes that I’m keeping for the project, meticulous planning and careful records can make any project seem possible. Big, but possible.




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