Into My Notebooks: Star Trek Notebook Again

Hello, and welcome back to my notebooks!

We’re back with my Star Trek fan fiction project notebooks, and I don’t have a nickname for this one, since it’s general notes out of sequence from the rest of my notes.

We’ve got another of those Top Flight single subject college-ruled 70 sheet notebooks that I’m so fond of. This one’s blue, and was originally (my label tells me) for my French 33 notes. I don’t actually recall taking notes in that class, but apparently I did, because the first page has a list of companies that are French (Bugatti, Citroën, Peugeut, Renault, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy), and notes about the differences of stereotypes of the French and les québécois (in French, naturally).

Then the notebook had a brief life as notes for my jobs for Claremont Sports Connection – the one club I was in for college. Page two are notes on my jobs for the second annual Sports Industry Day, which was basically price-checking various components of the folders we were handing out on the day, from printing costs to where to buy the folders.

Then I must have brought it back to french class, because I have verb sets for the next three and a half pages. At the bottom of the next one, I have a list of people I was considering getting things for if I did study abroad. It’s a long list. Needless to say, my final list was much shorter.

Then I’ve got another page of French notes (apparently I did more in that class than I remember…)

Then I have this little flash-fiction piece that I don’t remember writing:

Wisps of smoke were sucked up into the prevailing fog, invisible to anyone around to see. Anyone who might have noticed this was dead. A single pair of eyes pierced the fog, a mist so thick and heavy that it hid from those eyes what secrets lay on the forest floor: blood, bones, flesh. Fog could cover the sight of the massacre, bu tit could not cover the scent: of metallic blood and putrefying flesh, of scorched skin and hair and wool and earth.

The wolf’s paws fell on ash as it surveyed the clearing caused by fire. The smoke had burned out almost entirely. not a single living presence could be sensed.

Beauty can be seen in the right sort of death, awe in all death. But this, this was not death. It felt closer to oblivion.

Snow would come, and perhaps in spring it would begin again.

I’m not really sure when I wrote this, because as I said, I don’t remember writing it. However, as I have a short story that has a similar mindset to this (without the wolf) that’s longer and (I think) better, I doubt I’d ever do anything with this piece except maybe cannibalize it for parts. I’m not sure that isn’t what I did already.

From here I actually have ten pages of a draft outline for my six generation Harry Potter fan fiction, the full outline I discussed in a previous post.

At present, only the next three pages are Star Trek. They’re notes on where my fan fiction series goes after the events of DS9 and Voyager, with what is essentially a list of plot points, some only a line jotted down, some a paragraph that takes up a third of the page. I also have a list of people who are actual characters from other Star Trek series who will make significant appearances or important mentions in this story.

Why do I list this as a Star Trek notebook while there’s only three pages thus far? Because that’s currently what it’s in use for, and likely will be its use for the remainder of its life. But this is the typical life of one of my notebooks, mixed and matched and used and abused. Thought that might be interesting to see.




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