Into My Playlist: Bluebird

Welcome back!

I’ll preface this by saying while this is currently the only Christina Perri song I own, “Bluebird” is more an acquisition of opportunity.

There was a time in my life when I trolled the iTunes free releases, and the super-discounted songs. “Bluebird” was released as a free song during this period, so I snagged it because I had fallen in love with “Jar of Hearts” on the radio and figured there was a good chance I would like this one.

And to be fair, I do.

It’s about losing someone, though, and someone you aren’t ready to lose, and then their moving on with someone you both know. And like so many songs on my playlist that are sad, in spite of a lack of driving beat, this manages to be remarkably – for lack of better word – chirpy.

Christina Perri writes a good song, and this one tells a very good story. I think my issue with this song at the moment is that I always really liked it, but didn’t love it, and I maybe over-listened to it. So lately I only listen to it when it pops up on my “play all” shuffle. I still enjoy it, but I never feel the urge to listen to this song. And thinking back, I don’t think I ever did.




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