Into My Notebooks: More Star Trek Notes

I ought to number these things. That’s the first thought I had when I was trying to title the post for this week based on the notebook I’m covering.

Welcome back to my notebooks!

We’re digging back into my Star Trek notes, the ones for my massive fan fiction project.

I’m doing these a bit out of order, so don’t expect any kind of logical progression on the Star Trek project. Today we’re doing this one because it’s the one that was on top of my pile. I just updated my TOS story this week, and it was from my notes in this notebook.

This is from a stack of notebooks my mother bought my first semester of undergrad, and I’ll be honest: I don’t like it. It’s a Mead College Ruled, Single Subject 90 sheet notebook, but it’s not perforated and it’s got a plastic spiral instead of metal, and it feels a bit cheap. I’ll be glad to see the back of using it and its brothers. It’s got purple leopard print as a cover, which is probably why my mother grabbed them: she thought they’d be fun.

This was originally my intro Gov journal, so the first page, front and back, is actually class notes. From there, it’s Star Trek.

It begins with the end of notes on the episode “The Conscience of the King,” which I’ve already posted my chapter on. This also has, among other episodes, the outline of the first non-episodic chapter in my entire Star Trek project. That was pretty exciting.

The notebook finishes off with most of the episode “A Taste of Armageddon,” which finishes in a different notebook. I’ll have to figure out which one soon, as this is the next chapter I’m writing.

Also, on the outside of the back cover I have four lists that are basically to-do checklists from that first semester at college. Compared with my current organizational methods, it looks sort of pitiful, but that was the first attempt at getting my life in order, so I suppose it’s not surprising.

So that’s this notebook! Basically, outlines and dialogue of several chapters of the TOS fan fiction, written entirely in black ink.

See you next week!




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