Into My Notebooks: Star Trek Mini Notebook

Good morning, and welcome back to my notebooks!

Today we will be continuing into the mass of notebooks for my Star Trek fan fiction, today covering a mini-notebook, and perhaps continuing with this set of notebooks next week.

This notebook, before we discuss content, is a Mead 3 subject College Ruled notebook that originally had 150 sheets (many have been torn out. I call it a mini notebook because it is not my usual standard sized notebook, but instead a 9 and 1/2 inch by 6 inch notebook. I have used my Pilot G2 pens, half in black, half in brown. Little bits of light blue are used as checkmarks.

No pages are left in the first subject section. On the first barrier I’ve written out the speeds of Warp classifications. In one column I have Warp 1 down to Warp 9, then Warp 9.2, 9.6, 9.9, 9.99, and 10. In the next column I have listed how many times faster this is than the speed of light, according to the Original Series figuring. The second column is how this was adjusted for TNG and after.

Below these columns, I have written some brief ratios to help me conceptualize the speed difference between traveling the speed of light and traveling at Warp.

Then I have a page dedicated to characters who were in Xebel’s year at Starfleet Academy, with his future wife listed at the top of the page. [Note: Xebel is an OC who is the son of my TOS OC and a canon character I will not name for spoiler purposes]. I have listed the names, what they majored in, and the highest level of rank they achieve in their career. I have starred the top of the class, and boxed the major where that major is listed next to the person who topped that major for the year. For example, I have a character who majored in Exogeology and Engineering. Exogeology is boxed; Engineering is not, but it is boxed next to the girl who topped the year. I underlined the lines on which people who majored in the same subjects as Xebel rest, so I could figure out who would be likely to be his friends and enemies based on proximity.

The second page is sort of like this, but instead of one year, I have the three of Xebels older daughters all listed on one page, so this is a sampling of each of their years, not a complete list of students from any of them. Because of this, at the end of each line I have written the initial of the sister they were in the year of, to keep them straight when I write a complete timeline of Starfleet to organize my thoughts.

I have nothing written on the second subject barrier, and then I have the character list for Sophie, my TNG OC. This is structurally identical to Xebel’s list, except for one small detail. I have a bracket at the beginning of the line of students in one flight squad, and a long line at the front of lines where students are in the opposing flight squad (think Wesley and Nova Squadron).

The next page is the same as Sophie’s, but it covers the twins, who are the children of Sophie and a TNG OC, unnamed for purposes of spoilers.

The next page is a list of Star Trek children, although it is currently incomplete. It only covers TNG and DS9. And the term children is used loosely. For example, it has Robin Lefler, who was an Ensign in her Star Trek appearance, and Wesley’s “friends” from the Academy when he had his flight incident. I’ve yet to add children from Voyager – namely Naomi and Icheb and Miral, but they’ll be added in course of my cataloging.

After that I have eight pages of an in-progress list of secondary characters, alphabetical, who I am keeping track of to help fill in my charts and timelines of duty rosters and the like. This list is the 23rd century, so thus far only those covered in TOS and the earlier films. I’m in the P’s, so perhaps it won’t be too long until I move into the 24th century. Where there will be many more characters. This entire list is in brown, where most of the previous pages (excepting some checkmarks in brown and blue) are in black.

That’s it for this notebook! Check in next week for what will almost certainly be more Star Trek notes!




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