Into My Playlist: Blinded By The Light

Welcome back to my music! You’re getting a break from Fifth Harmony for a while, YOU’RE WELCOME.

Today, we’re going to talk about a very well-known song: Manfred Mann’s cover of “Blinded by the Light.”

A lot of my friends didn’t actually know this, but this was originally a Bruce Springsteen single, released by the Boss in ’73. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band released their cover version in ’77, and it hit #1 on the Billboard 100.

To me, I have no idea why the cover hit it so big where the original is mostly unknown to the general public. One small (but famously misheard) line was changed, from “cut loose like a deuce” to “revved up like a deuce.” There’s an interesting piano solo in the second one that’s sort of iconic as well.

The only other difference I can see is the length. The original is less than six minutes (I don’t recall exactly how long), where my iTunes tells me that the Manfred Mann version is 7:06.

But this could be lies. iTunes may lie to me often. It’s giving the copyright as ’75, when I know that this single hit the top 100 in ’77. This isn’t totally implausible, but it messes with my head, so I’m deciding to call it falsehood.

I have a complicated relationship with iTunes.

The simple reason for my having the cover version is that it’s the one that I listened to on the radio, and was being offered on a discount on iTunes.

The complicated reason is…. I don’t really like Bruce Springsteen. (Go ahead, collectively gasp)

His voice is fine. His songs are fine. I just have never liked either enough for me to feel it merited spending money on. Why buy an original version that I never really heard when this is the one I know and love, even if it is one of maybe two Manfred Mann songs I actually know?

As far as the song itself is concerned: It’s fun to try to figure out what all the loopy lyrics are, and to listen to people try to decide what it’s about. A lot of the time I actually don’t feel much like listening to it, but when I do, it’s nice that I have it because it never pops up on any of my Pandora stations.

So that’s my thoughts on this song. What’s up next week?

Maybe not Fifth Harmony? Not sure. You’ll have to wait and see.




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