Into My Notebooks: Untitled One

Welcome back!

So, as you might have noticed from the title of this post, today we’re looking at my notes for an untitled novel project.

This is a bit of a rarity for me, to be honest. I like to have at least a working title for most projects. In fact, Natalie Cannon and I were brainstorming working titles for a brand new project yesterday morning. We weren’t having much success to be honest, but something will pop up.

This is a project I’m working – slowly – on a draft for. It’s a novel that’s got three distinct parts chronicling a relationship in three stages. It’s a tragedy, not that this should surprise anyone at all. i’m still drafting part one.

I’ve got a manila folder for this one, and in that folder I have a spiral and five loose sheets of paper. Let’s start with the loose sheets.

At the top of the first sheet is a quote from something, I’ve forgotten now what. It was either a school newspaper article or something I said to a friend as I was reading that article, but it says: “Because sex does not initiate large-scale change, except when you’re having an orgy.”

That’s not relevant to the story, I just liked the quote.

I then have a very rough outline of the three parts, with about half a dozen points listed for each part so I could get a sense of the story arcs. At the bottom, I have a character list.

The other four loose leaf pages are an unordered list of necessary events for the novel. Next to each event is the roman numeral of which part it belongs in.

The spiral is a purple, 70-sheet college ruled Top Flight, once again. This one was originally meant to be my notes for my Formative Judaism course. Which was a great course, by the way. I learned so much my brain could barely hold it all.

I’m not sure I took any notes in it, though, because if they ever existed they are not in this notebook anymore. I have the events written out again on the first four pages, this time grouped by which part they’re in. Next to each one I have it’s Arabic numeral for what order they occur within their part.

I then have five pages for the official chapter-by-chapter outline. Part one covers a little over a page (ten chapters worth), Part two a little over a page (eleven chapters), and part three not quite a page and a half (eleven chapters). If the math seems wrong, it’s because I’m being rough about it.

I’m still drafting part one, so don’t expect to be hearing about this project again as ready for the next stages any time soon.

After the notes for this novel I then have fifteen pages of notes that I will probably discard and start over on for a fan fiction I promised some friends in the Sherlock fandom. It’s a combining of characters, taking my Sherlock OC and having a bit of a reversal, with her turning out to be Irene Adler. The character list and outline only cover a few of those pages. The rest are my most extensive collection of notes on BDSM practice, positions, methods, and equipment. I do have several collections of notes on this topic, but these are the only notes I know the current location of….

As I said, I will probably restart notes on that story, because I wasn’t happy with how the outline was turning out. I’m going to pare it down and try again. This doesn’t happen to me very often, but I suppose it happens to everyone sometime. It’s the only reason I haven’t removed the notes from the spiral and put them in their own notebook.

Well, that’s all for this week! Stay tuned in a couple of days for more from my bookshelf! We’re finally leaving Shakespeare behind!




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4 thoughts on “Into My Notebooks: Untitled One

  1. You had me at orgy. 😛

  2. I must confess, I’ve yet to write an orgy in any of my works. But I never say never.


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