Into My Playlist: Better Together (DayDrunk Remix)

Hello, and welcome back to my playlist! We’re doing another day of Fifth Harmony and the many versions of their song “Better Together.”

This will be a short post, if you missed the previous ones, check them out here:

Today we’re talking about the remix. They did a whole EP of remixes of the original EP, and generally speaking I’m not really a remix girl. Why did I buy the remixes?

I ask myself that some days. Today is one of those days.

The remix of this song is actually sort of a step backward from the original. It stands to reason that if I feel the acoustic is a step in the right direction, I’m going to think pumping up and remixing the original is not necessarily a positive change.

And that leads me to a point that I will probably make again while talking about the Fifth Harmony work (and usually the remixes): They shouldn’t necessarily have done a new version of EVERY song for EVERY EP version. Not every song on that album makes sense as an acoustic. Most of them didn’t really benefit from a remix. I actually don’t have any issues with having a Spanish version of each song (we’ll come to those later), but why not have a single EP where SOME songs are acoustics and OTHER songs are done as remixes? It would have made so much more sense.

But then, I bought both. So call me stupid.




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