Into My Notebooks: Star Trek Prime

Happy Sunday, and welcome back to my notebooks!

First of all, I’d like to take a moment to say that Stoke really should have beat Liverpool this morning.

Moving on.

We’ve got another one of my famous Top Flight single subject 70-page college rule notebooks, this time with a black cover.

Apparently this was supposed to be a philosophy notebook, because the first page has the initial set of notes for my first philosophy paper. Considering I crossed things out several times, I must have gone a different direction.

Starting on page two, the note book is basically brimming with Star Trek notes for the massive Star Trek fan fiction universe I’ve been building.

Page three has the officer ranks listed in the upper left, from Fleet Admiral down (because I had no clue what the differences were when I started watching). On the right I have the list of senior staff, as well as names of people who filled those positions in the first two shows (TOS and TNG), so I could keep track of everything. I have a tiny box in the top right that tells me the chain of command, and who’s in command in any given situation.

I’ve then got the life spans listed for Bajorans (100 yrs), Humans (100-120, max 140), Klingons (100), and Vulcans (200). I’ve also listed physical parameters for Vulcans and Betazoids so I could wrap my brain around those characters and their special features and skills and such.

I’ve then got two family trees, one written recently that covers nine generations, the other written as soon as I started the notebook that covers six generations. I’ve also written above this one the year ranges for TOS, TNG, and DS9 for age references, and below I’ve written several original characters and their titles and postings.

The next page lists classmates of my TOS original character, Vivian Buckingham, while she was at the academy. I’ve given names, majors, and rank upon end of career… That is, either upon death or upon retirement.

From here on through the rest of the notebook covers outlines including dialogue for every episode I use. This starts on “The Naked Time”, and the last episode covered in this notebook is partway through “The Corbomite Maneuver.” I’ve already written these chapters, and they can be found under the fan fiction Crossing Borders on

I have four pages outlining my chapters for TOS stories, which is 65 chapters, mostly episodes, some original stories. I then have two pages doing the same for TAS (the Animated Series), and half a page covering my outline for the first Star Trek film. I’ve yet to do the outlines for the other films and series’.

I then have a list of series by airdate, so I knew which seasons to watch when. I’ve nearly finished watching everything. I’m in Season 2 of Star Trek: Enterprise, and then I’ve got two more season there, and the new films and I’m all caught up.

I then have ten pages as a list of federation starships, which I’ve been cataloguing more completely on Excel of late. This includes the name of the ship, the registry, the class, years known to be in use, and known commanding officers. I plan to fill in the blanks on each ship with character names and invented names, creating mini-ghost plots for hundreds of characters so I’ve always got a name or a list of names no matter what I decide to do. And yes, this is time consuming. But it’s worth it.

I then have a page that puts the Enlisted Men ranks in order, reiterates the officers’ ranks, and then lists all the different educational opportunities as seen in the show.

The next page is a list of species in Starfleet (as well as marking Federation members versus ones known to be in without being Federation members, like Nog). In the upper right corner, I’ve got a list of other known groups, namely enemies.

I then list in three pages all known Federation Starship classes, and what we know about each. This might be weapons, decks, crew compliment, type, years in the fleet, top speed, what have you.

Four pages then list in categories possible assignments from the duty roster taken from Star Trek Online to help me think of things that people might be doing in the background on ships. It’s not all fighting Cardassians and outwitting Romulans, after all.

I’ve then got a list of games, instruments, focusing techniques used across the series’, for downtime. At the bottom of the page I was brainstorming names for original characters and children of original characters, which the final results of are on my 9-generation family tree.

The rest of the notebook holds recreational and food/beverage preferences of my original characters, and the back four pages a list of known food and beverages throughout the series’.

I have other notebooks for this universe, and I’ll introduce them to you – not necessarily in order – but this is the backbone, the one that keeps me organized. Call it my personal Star Trek bible.

If you’re wondering where I got this information, I’m devoted to Memory Alpha. So if you’re looking for Star Trek information, well you can ask in the comments for sure, I feel like a walking encyclopedia at this point. But if I don’t know, I recommend Memory Alpha!




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2 thoughts on “Into My Notebooks: Star Trek Prime

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