Into My Notebooks: I Dare You To Run

Welcome back to my notebooks!

Today we’re looking at a spiral, and I’ll get the logistics bits out of the way quickly. I’ve had this for ages, it’s a really tattered-looking single subject, 70 sheet college-ruled notebook. Address says the company is “Norcom Inc.,” but other than that all I know is that it’s royal blue.

Initially this notebook was for a musical I was writing (actually I finished it), and it’s got the whole first draft. First page is a character list, and then I’ve got both acts, forty-three pages all told.

No, you’ll never see this play performed. I wrote it when I was…maybe seventeen. It’s terrible. Some of the songs were salvageable, or parts of them were. But I’m keeping it to remind myself to be very careful before trying to write plays again.

I’m repurposing the notebook for fan fiction, and currently the next two pages are being used to help me outline events for the prequel of my Family Affair trilogy, “I Dare You to Run.” This is a Sirius/OC story, set in the Marauder era.

When I do outlines, I often sit down and make a list of things that need to happen in the story, and then I arrange those things into an outline, filling gaps when I find them. Right now I’m going through “Family Affair”, the story this is a prequel to, and finding events I mentioned that have to make it into the prequel. When this list is finished it’ll be moved to the Family Affair folder and I’ll write an outline, maybe in this notebook, maybe in another one. And then I’ll finally get to writing the story again.

For those who care, This is written with my Pilot G2 pens, mostly in brown, but with half a dozen lines in black, and the header and about eight lines in the sort of cornsilk blue.




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