Into My Playlist: Better Together

Welcome back to my playlist!

I’ve got a bit of a weird confession to make that will shape this section of the blog for a bit going forward. This is the first time it’s relevant, so I’m bringing it up now.

When Fifth Harmony won third on X-Factor, I voted for them. No shame felt. I was super-supportive of their career moving forward, so much that I bought their EP. And the acoustic EP. and the Spanish EP. And the remixes EP.

Yeah, I dropped about twenty bucks on Fifth Harmony EPs in one sitting. Still, no shame felt.

I do confess, I haven’t bought their new album (EP? I haven’t even checked to be honest…) because when I listened to the singles, I was not impressed with the sound, with the videos, with their direction. I’m sure people really like it, but they were capable of better and I just don’t know that my interest in their career will continue if they keep on down this path.

That being said, I have LOTS of Fifth Harmony in my playlists. This is the first, “Better Together.” Because I have four versions of every song, they’re going to have blog posts for every single one (eventually). Maybe that doesn’t appeal to you. Be forewarned.

This song isn’t my favorite on the EP. The essential plot is girl broke up with guy, mostly because she wasn’t that into him when they were together. Now she sees him with another girl and is like, “Woah, nope, not liking this, come back.”

This isn’t as good as Cher Lloyd’s “Want U Back” (don’t even know if that’s how it’s spelled), because Cher Lloyd is cheekier, and the sound is more appealing. This one makes a decent dance tune, something to belt out with buddies, but lyrically it doesn’t feel as interesting as the Cher Lloyd song, and because it came out later, also off an X-Factor appearance….

Well, let’s just say it feels a bit like a cheap copycat. There, I said it. (This wouldn’t the the last time. Their song that was one of the reasons I’m not buying their new music, “Sledgehammer” felt like a toned down tribute to Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball, especially in the video, and I wasn’t digging it.)

Do I still listen to the song? Oh, yeah. Do I enjoy it? Usually. Do I sing along? Nah, I’d rather belt out Ed Sheeran ballads.

But it has its place. And we’ll talk more about it next week.




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