Into My Notebooks: To-Do Binder

Hello, and welcome back to my notebooks!

Today I’m talking about a different kind of notebook – the one that keeps me sane. Relatively.

This is a basic black binder, with a label on the front that says “AcademiKit Study Organizer”…. Just a simple three-ring I inherited from my sister when I asked if she had any more study materials she wasn’t using, like binders and dividers, because I always need more.

In the front pocket I have a couple dozen blank 3×5 notecards and my typed and printed single-sheet “to-do list.”

This list is basically my daily routine, things that must be done in the same order nearly ever day. It needs to be edited and reprinted, but for now it serves me well enough. It keeps me from forgetting, in my silly way, doing basic things like putting dry shampoo on my bangs to keep them from getting gross (because they will, because biology sucks), or remembering to floss before bed. Because for some reason, flossing is nearly impossible to remember, even when you keep floss in virtually every room you spend time in.

Then I have a sheet that I modeled after one that I found on the internet, where I write out in the middle the things I do every day (or virtually every day) that aren’t on the master list, like lunch, writing, when I need to check email, when I need to think about getting ready for the next day. This list, unlike the master list, is divided into time frames. I don’t start the afternoon list until Noon, for example, but if I haven’t finished it by evening I work on both lists. Some days I’m super productive and I finish all my stuff for my first three sections well before 4 PM and when I finish the section I’m on before it’s time for the next list, I work through the master list to be sure there’s not things I’m missing and start winding down for the day.

Also on this sheet I have space for my to-dos that are ever-changing, including a spot for the five most important things to get done every day. I have a quick shopping list, a place to write down critical appointments (admittedly this is usually where I write what time and channel sporting events I’m watching will be on…) and my plan for meals, exercise, and how much water to drink. Most days I don’t finish everything on the list, but every evening I hand-write a new list, so I’ve got a bunch of notebook paper in this thing. Eventually I’ll run out of space and I’ll have to think about tossing or storing old sheets, but I may store them. They’ve proven to be a pretty good reference when I can’t remember when I did something.

That’s all for now! Cheers,



About jillianavaloncolumbiatheatre

Recent college graduate, writer, aspiring teacher, lover of literature and art.

2 thoughts on “Into My Notebooks: To-Do Binder

  1. I love to-do lists, there’s just something so satisfying about crossing off tasks!

    • Completely agreed. And because I have so much “to-do,” I like to keep different lists by category so they’re shorter and I feel more like I’m accomplishing something instead of looking at a single long, daunting, unyielding list that covers all aspects of life.

      Plus it just makes it easier to keep things straight in smaller chunks.


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