Into My Playlist: Better Than Me

Welcome back to my music!

For the first time, we’ve got a legitimately sad song. This is actually very representative of the type of music I listen to, since I sort of listen to three major genres: Rock (mostly 60s, 70s, grunge, post-grunge, modern alternative), Singer-Songwriter (modern and classic), and Alternative (60s, 70s, some 80s, loads of 90s forward). This is a great example of more modern rock that I listen to.

I will start my post on Hinder’s “Better Than Me” by saying that this is a case where the music video is something I just can’t watch. It’s got some semi-graphic drug scenes, things that I could probably watch with mild discomfort if I wasn’t listening to a song that’s fairly sad along with it. Together, I’ve learned that I just can’t handle it.

Like the Naked Eyes song I covered a few weeks ago, this song is about lost love. It’s a bit regretful (“Wish I never would have said it’s over”), but there’s also a sort of defeatist tone throughout it (“You deserve much better than me.”)

Unlike the Naked Eyes song, this one has the tone of a sad song to match the lyrics. This is a guy in pain. Even when he’s remembering the good things (including sex in a mall dressing room, because why not), it’s got a very strong bittersweet quality about it. He misses the girl, but you get the sense that he thinks she’s better off without him.

By itself, it’s just as sad breakup song, but with the video you get an even sadder story of what looks like an intentional od on some kind of drug.

I have a heart for the melancholy, and I happen to really love this song, but I have to say, for some people it’s going to be too low. There’s not really an upper in this song. Even the climax feels like a minor key (although I haven’t checked, I could be wrong about that), and you do come away from it feeling a bit emotionally zapped.

Why do I love this song? It’s a great one to write to. It easily puts you in a mood of loss and melancholy, in a frame of mind to write the sad things I tend to write. If I’m having a really great day and then I need to sit down and work on a piece about mourning, I pop on tunes like this one that really set the mood.

I would say listen responsibly, though, which is something I’ll probably echo throughout. If you’re already going through a bad emotional space, this is probably not a healthy song choice for you.




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