Into My Playlist: Always Something There to Remind Me

Hello, and welcome back to my series on my music!

Today we’re going in a totally different direction, with “Always Something There to Remind Me,” by the Naked Eyes.

When I say totally different, this is a lie. Yes, it is a different genre, different era, different continent. It’s a style of music I find interesting, entertaining, and chirpily pleasant. It’s also, if you think about it, the kind of music that gets played a lot in stores. Almost every time I go to the mall, I hear something in this vein.

The thing I like about this song – and why it’s not really so much a totally different direction from “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” – is the mixture of lyrical content with musical tone. This is the song about a person who has lost love, and isn’t exactly happy about that. They’re in that stage where everywhere they turn they see things that make them feel the pain of the loss. Who hasn’t gone through that, right?

What makes this song interesting that it has that bouncy 80s Brit Pop feel, like it’s time to break out with a dance, and that’s not how I feel after a painful breakup. I don’t think that’s how anyone feels after a painful breakup. Someone should probably call the 80s and remind them that music isn’t just an excuse to dance.

In all seriousness, though, I bought this song purely because it was on sale and it made me happy. I just really get a kick out of sad songs with perky music. They make you happy in a twisted kind of way.




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One thought on “Into My Playlist: Always Something There to Remind Me

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