Into My Bookshelf: Turnabout

Welcome back to my bookshelf!

We’re still on my short shelf, which as you may have noticed consists mainly of children’s books and classics. And classic children’s books.

One of these early children’s books is an old Margaret Peterson Haddox book called Turnabout. If you’re interested in sort of sci-fi young adult books, she’s got some great one. As far as I know this is one of her less famous works, but in my mind it’s completely underrated.

The story is one of those unaging stories that seem to be so popular these days. at the beginning our main character, Amelia, is dying in a nursing home. She signs a form she doesn’t and doesn’t try to understand. To her it doesn’t matter: she’s ready to die.

Except she, and other residents of the nursing home have unknowingly become subjects of an unaging experiment, and things seem to be going well. At least, until they start to realize that as they relive their years, they lose the memories of the first time through. When electing to take the procedure to stop the unaging, they find that the drug works differently on humans and rats: the man shrivels up and dies.

So that’s basically out of the question.

Amelia and her best friend decide to take their chances and live out their lives away from the nursing home, moving every once in awhile to avoid suspicion.

Naturally, we focus in on them as teenagers, when their lives are rapidly coming to a close and they have to think once more about someone to take care of them. But who can they trust with their secret? And having forgotten a significant portion of their former lives, they also find themselves being…followed. And they don’t know why, or who this person is, or anything, but they’re running like mad. It seems like a rock and a hard place.

I won’t give away how it ends, but I will say that careful readers won’t be surprised. I will say that this is a fun book by a really creative, talented author, and if you haven’t taken a peek, it’s worth it!




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