Why You Should Always Back Up Your Files Ten Times Over

While it’s a truism that you should back up everything, I cannot stress this importance having recently experienced something shocking, painful, and terrible.

Two weeks ago, I came back to the computer lab to find that some careless person bent my USB drive and that my computer would no longer read it. Or any computer, for that matter.

This was followed by several hours of pure panic and internal chaos. Could it be fixed? Could the files be retrieved? What would this cost me?

I happen to be very fortunate to have a very good tech school literally two streets north of my own college, and one of my dearest friends goes there. So before I started buying things (other than new flashdrives to save the things I still had open on my desktop) like a soldering iron, I texted her, send pictures, and asked if she knew anyone who might be able to fix it.

As it happens, she does. As it also happens, she has the attention span and memory of a puppy and was in mid-term season, then was in Mexico on spring break, so she’s not yet given it to him, so I still have NO IDEA if he can actually fix it for me. *taps fingers anxiously on desk* I’m trying to stay positive. Trying really, really hard.

If this finally happens and he can’t fix it, I’ve got to send it to the other side of the country to a place that will fix it for TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS WHYYYYY. That was literally the cheapest I could find that I trusted. Isn’t that terrible??? There is ONE connector that came unsoldered. Should this be a cheap fix??? Shouldn’t it???

This is why I despise technology.

So now I have three flash drives, one my brother-in-law sent me that is my main one and much harder to break – and I’m planning on making greater use of my Google Drive account. I’m going to back-up everything at least once a month, and if anyone has other online drive services like Google Drive that they recommend I do in addition, I’d love to hear about them.




About Charlotte Blackwood

Charlotte Blackwood is a self-employed aspiring author working on perfecting her first novella/ first novel. She is a current student at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, CA. If you're looking for a reading list (someday she'll add her own works to the list), she's currently supporting Anna Karenina, anything by Dickens, anything by Tolkien, anything by JK Rowling, A Song of Ice and Fire, and The Hunger Games.

3 thoughts on “Why You Should Always Back Up Your Files Ten Times Over

  1. Oh this is terrible! Sorry to hear you lost all your work.

    I am always a fan of the classic printed or handwritten work as I too find technology frustrating. Hard copies you can keep in a file cabinet that is locked, fireproof, and guarded by a ferocious dog.

    • Amen to that. I’ve handwritten quite a lot of things, and I’ve got most of my current works in progress with handwritten notes and outlines. I’m actually in the process of organizing them and preparing them for filing, you know, when I get that locked, fireproof file cabinet to guard with a ferocious dog.


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