Exciting News!

Those We Trust is available on Amazon!

That’s right, if you were waiting for the Kindle version, or would really like it on paperback, it’s now up for both on Amazon! Get your copy today!

Also, if you really want the book and don’t feel you can afford it, contact me via my email or Twitter and I’ll get you a coupon code on Smashwords for an agreed-upon price.





About Charlotte Blackwood

Charlotte Blackwood is a self-employed aspiring author working on perfecting her first novella/ first novel. She is a current student at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, CA. If you're looking for a reading list (someday she'll add her own works to the list), she's currently supporting Anna Karenina, anything by Dickens, anything by Tolkien, anything by JK Rowling, A Song of Ice and Fire, and The Hunger Games.

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