My Camp NaNo Attempt

They’ve shifted around things in the Camp NaNo department, and I think it’s because of the fact that having a month in between two intensive writing months was a bit… stressful for the average person, I suppose. So now, Camp NaNo is in April and July (I think it’s July) instead of June and August. This spreads the craziness out through the year a bit better.

The rules have changed as well for Camp NaNo, and are much more flexible than the November NaNoWriMo. You can edit a manuscript, write a screenplay, or whatever else calls to your mind. You set your own word count goal, and mine is 72,000.

At the moment I’m not at all up to my usual standard (see my last post for details as to why and all my lame excuses) and I’ve only written 5k of those words. I’m still quite confident I’ll finish, though.

This novel is going to be a bit shorter than some of the others that I’ve written, yes, but that’s not all that’s changing. I’m shifting up format, POV style, content…. Everything, really.

It’s entitled Children of Conflict, a story of modern young people (twenties) living their lives in this world we live in, heavily affected by the war(s) in the Middle East. It’s a recognizable context, it’s told in third person, mostly from a few different character’s viewpoints, but sometimes w/ omniscient view (think Joyce, I guess). Glimpses.

There are a few main plots intertwining, but the primary plot actually has nothing to do with war at all, and just exists in this context, which was the whole idea.

I’m really excited to work on this project, and when it’s someday finished, I’ll be thrilled to get all your input on it!




Why I’ve Been Absentee of Late

First of all, I apologize for my lack of blogging. I’ll be putting up a post from Natalie Cannon later in the week (hopefully) that I simply need to edit and format. Let me explain to you how exceptionally busy I have been.

I may not have mentioned this earlier, but I’m in a play that’s got two more runs (today and tomorrow) and then I’m free – I mean, done. 😀

In spite of the fact that I think I spend a total of five minutes on stage for the whole two hour play, my life has more or less been taken over. I only had to do a fraction of the rehearsals, thank God. But we literally spent all weekend building the set so homework didn’t happen, blogging didn’t happen, Camp NaNoWriMo didn’t happen. Twitter didn’t happen…. You get the idea.

So the fact that set-building is done means that I’m frantically trying to get ahead in homework again because Thursday I have intermural soccer, Friday I have a meeting about senior thesis, and Saturday my mother arrives for a two day stay. I’m literally exhausted and will be even more so by the end of the week. Not to mention I have a paper due Wednesday, an exam on Thursday, and another paper due next week that I really need to get a start on RIGHT NOW because I have no idea what I’m going to say.


On the plus side, I feel like the worst is over in this regard. I’ve written ten page papers in less time than what I now have to write, and harder topics at that. I’ve really got this philosophy section down, I feel. And while I don’t yet have a topic, I really think that there’s a lot I can draw from in Keats to talk about so once I get a moment I think I’m going to sift through some of his poems for lines I can work with.

And really, once I do laundry once or twice I’m ready for my mother. That’s the easy part.

So there is my (admittedly pathetic) excuse! I hope you all forgive me and continue to read my pitiful blog. I literally light up whenever I see likes and follows in my inbox (although comments would be great, you silly people! Comment!)



Exciting News!

Those We Trust is available on Amazon!

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