My Family Affair Series

Here I am again, peddling my Harry Potter fan fiction stories at you! This one is a three-part series I’m working on, part two off which is completed – Family Affair.

Let me explain.

When I began to write Family Affair – ages ago, it seems – I always knew I was going to write a sequel. Family Affair leaves off at the end of the fifth book and the sequel will pick up from there and go through the end of the seventh book (might have an epilogue, but probably not). One of my most faithful readers, Liza, asked if there would be a prequel about Matty and Sirius and their school days and how they got together and whatnot. And you know me, I can’t resist a challenge.

So I’m now working on not only the sequel for Family Affair (which is going slowly atm and is as yet nameless), but I’ve also posted the first chapter and nearly finished the second of the prequel, I Dare You to Run. So far it’s already full of action and sexual tension, which makes Liza very happy. I Dare You to Run will go at least through Sirius’s arrest, but I think I’m actually going to carry it further. How much further? I’m not sure! Birth of the girls, perhaps. Arrest of Bellatrix, maybe. Might even have it go right up to where Family Affair begins at the beginning of book three.

Since there’s not very much of that one up, it’s time for me to push the other two! Unlike I Dare You to Run, which is being written exclusively from Matty’s POV, Family Affair is Sirius’s POV with a single chapter from Matty’s POV. I won’t tell you which chapter because spoilers, but I will tell you that it was one of my favorite ones to write. It covers Sirius discovering that he has children, reuniting with Matty, and all of the lovely things that happen while we know Sirius in the books. There’s also some lovely stuff about Remus’s jealousy. I think Remus is lovely whilst jealous, and Liza agrees.

The as-of-yet unnamed sequel will be told from Matty’s POV, and Merryn’s. This is obviously because there’s a lot of stuff going on at Hogwarts I want to incorporate, but also because there will be a point where Matty’s POV will no longer be, shall we say, viable, and I’ll need someone to continue the story. I won’t say what happens. My loyal fans probably already guessed it. You’ll have to read and see it for yourselves! It’s not up yet, but keep your eyes peeled! I’m working on the first chapter.




About Charlotte Blackwood

Charlotte Blackwood is a self-employed aspiring author working on perfecting her first novella/ first novel. She is a current student at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, CA. If you're looking for a reading list (someday she'll add her own works to the list), she's currently supporting Anna Karenina, anything by Dickens, anything by Tolkien, anything by JK Rowling, A Song of Ice and Fire, and The Hunger Games.

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