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  1. Charlotte


    During my time as a Reiki Master Teacher, I have uncovered areas where Reiki training is lacking, even failing students. As a result of my findings I have adapted my training to cover these areas, and by doing so, I have taken my Reiki training to a whole new level of empowerment.
    I want my students to gain as much knowledge, understanding and spiritual growth as possible.
    I teach what is termed "traditional Usui Reiki" but include up to date research explaining how this differs to how Usui actually taught himself, and why we have this version of teaching that was created by his student Mrs Takata.
    I want to change perceptions of energy healing, to bring it away from "it's a gift" or its "hippy dippy" or "woo" so I include a good understanding of the science of energy healing in my teachings, covering scientific concepts that surround energetic healing, bio energetics, wave energy physics and quantum mechanics.
    I teach you how to become a successful spiritual entrepreneur, charging your worth by providing and receiving a high value energetic exchange because the more you receive the more you can give.
    I support my students in their personal healing journey on all levels by combining Reiki, EFT, Life Coaching and Law of Attraction tailored to meet their individual needs.
    I provide intensive business support covering how to set up your Reiki Business, how to create a business plan and a marketing strategy. Also including mindset work around selling to help you feel comfortable charging for your service.
    To build a successful Reiki business you need to:
    Release all blocks, limiting beliefs, self-doubt and 3D conditioning received through childhood AND adulthood, that will hold you back.
    Self-heal and embody the Reiki energy to become a clear channel.
    Become a spiritual entrepreneur, a business woman who treats her Reiki business as just that, a business!
    Healing Love 
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  2. Its time


    They say time is speeding up, time certainly flies by for me, days, weeks and even years pass by in the blink of an eye!
    (How on earth do I have a 17 year old!)
    Let me tell you something important. You have put off your dream long enough.
    Now is your time, even if you don't quite feel ready, it's time to put your dream first.
    Because you do not want to be in the same position this time next year!
    There will always be excuses not to go for it, time, money, self-doubt, fear.
    Don't worry, I've got you!
    I totally understand this as I have experienced it myself, so I can support you through your doubts.
    Even though it wasn't the perfect circumstances for me to start my Reiki journey and build a business, what I decided was...
    I don't want to have regrets of not going for what I want. 
    Honestly, I encourage everyone else in my life to go for their dreams, my kids, my family, my friends, so why not myself?! I bet you do too!
    Treat yourself like you are your best friend, nurure yourself, nurture your goals, nurture your dreams.
    Create the life you love, NOW.
    Healing Love
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  3. Foundation


    I love Kelley Rosano, she is an upbeat, positive Astrologer who I follow on YouTube.
    According to her research, astrologically 2019 is setting the foundation for the next 20 year cycle of your life!
    I'm no astrologer but apparently, this has to do with the Saturn and Pluto conjunction and when Jupiter enters Saturn.
    So, there are much larger things happening, and it is very exciting!
    It means you are at the beginning of something new, a new path, a new life, a new direction.
    What better time than NOW, for you to nurture your dream?!
    Create the life that YOU want, that's aligned with your true self and build the business of your dreams.
    Make this year, and the next 20 years, the best years of your life, by being your authentic self and walking your personal spiritual path as a healer.
  4. women_entrepreneurs_and_healers
    Do you dream of becoming a professional Reiki Practitioner, but fear and self-doubt around becoming self employed and setting up your own business, stop you from following your heart?
    It can feel big and scary entering the entrepreneurial world!
    Our childhood conditioning, such as the messages we received in school, and other people’s beliefs, maybe those passed down from our parents, can hold us back with our dreams and goals as an adult.
    This was my experience!
    A derogatory remark from my abusive ex (father to my son) made me realise I was living in fear and holding myself back!
    I don’t want any woman to not follow her dreams due to self doubt, so I made a promise to support my students with their mindset alongside sharing their Reiki journey.
    I believe the world needs more women entrepreneurs, especially those who bring in healing energy and help raise the vibration of our society and our beautiful planet.
  5. Choose the perfect Reiki Master


    If you are new to Reiki, it can be a little confusing when it comes to choosing your Reiki Master Teacher.
    As with any partnership in life and business, it is important to find the best match to you.
    You will be sharing a personal and spiritual journey together so you need someone who you feel comfortable with, someone you can trust, who you can be open and honest with and feel safe to be vulnerable with as you heal old wounds.
    Trust your intuition and find someone you feel a connection with.
    It’s also important to think about which kind of Reiki feels right for you. Reiki is Reiki and can be used with people and animals, and by invoking angels, no matter which style of course you take, but if you intend on working with animals and you will be going to places such as a farm, kennels or stables, then an Animal Reiki Master Teacher will provide tailored training, guidance and support for working in these circumstances.
    It is best to contact different Reiki Master Teachers and get to know them a little. Connect with them on social media and see if their core values and beliefs are aligned with your own. Build a relationship with them before making your decision.
    Ask questions! Find out exactly what the course they provide entails, does it meet your needs? Not just in Reiki but also with mindset support, and support in building a business. 
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    Healing Love
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  6. confused
    You've decided you want to train in Reiki, but you don’t know which Reiki Master to choose!
    Each Reiki Master is unique.
    Each has their own way of teaching and their own beliefs around Reiki. They practice different styles of Reiki such as, Usui Reiki, Angel Reiki, Animal Reiki.
    Some have strict rules about how Reiki should be practised, including timings of attunements but others believe it is a personal journey, and disagree with set timings for attunements.
    Some insist their way is the proper traditional way, but others dispute that.
    Some insist on registration with regulatory bodies, but others do not agree.
    Some include a little business training, others do not include any at all!
    With so many differences, how on earth do you know which Reiki Master is right for you!
    I found this difficult myself so I want to help you with this. Look out for my next post with my FREE Reiki Master Checklist!
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    Healing Love
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  7. A true healer
    You have experienced your own personal healing journey, recovery from trauma, disease or abuse, the passing of a loved one, end of a relationship or another major life event, and this has empowered you!
    You support your family and friends through life's obstacles, providing a listening ear and loving advice.
    This lights you up! 
    You now have a burning desire to help others heal and dream of running your own Reiki healing business.
    It's your time to earn through your passion, feel fulfilled and create a life you love.
  8. 10 signs you are a healer image
    We all have an innate ability to heal but for some of us, it is our soul path in this life to be a healer.
    We feel called into healing practices in one form or another.
    We help release lower vibrations and transmute denser energies by helping others to feel better, physically, mentally and energetically.
    This contributes to raising the vibration of our beautiful planet and our collective consciousness.

    10 signs YOU are a healer:
    1) You are highly sensitive to energy. You can feel if there has been tension when you walk into a room
    2) You are empathic and feel other peoples emotions and physical ailments as your own
    3) You are a natural peacemaker
    4) People turn to you in times of need
    5) You think of solutions for others to make their lives better
    6) Sensitive beings like animals and children gravitate towards you
    7) Your palms often become excessively hot and sweaty or tingly
    8) You’ve overcome challenges in your life such as: trauma, domestic abuse, disease or loss, which has prepared you for the supportive role of a healer
    9) You feel you have a big purpose, a soul mission, to help people, animals and nature
    10) You work in a healing profession that helps others such as massage therapist, counsellor, doctor, nurse, yoga teacher, lawyer, vet, carer
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    Healing Love
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  9. No more hiding


    Whatever level of success we are at, we still need to do mindset work!

    My biggest limitation was fear of visibility. This kept me small for years!

    I literally hid myself by doing all the behind the scenes stuff like, building my website, creating marketing content and courses I never put out there.

    I knew I had to clear this fear to grow my business and increase my income.

    This meant releasing my childhood conditioning and the effects from past abuse that created this fear and created the belief that I’m not good enough. It developed imposter syndrome. I’d dread that people would see through me. That I would fail, look silly and humiliate myself.

    I would actually get physical symptoms. Anxiety and panic causing, uncontrollable shaking, breathlessness and a tightening in my chest. Nausea and headaches.

    Using a combination of EFT and Reiki helps me to overcome this fear enough to get myself out there.

    No more hiding, it is time to share my uniqueness with the world.

    Healing Love 

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